Lack of Better Things To Do

Today on ZardCast, CT, Duncan and Dave step back in time to cover #KD2DC night in the Phone Booth and whether recruiting Kevin Durant has gone overboard. Then they get into the Wizards two-game slide, losing in overtime against the Thunder, followed by a tight loss to the Trailblazers. The guys discuss Washington’s ailments and then review how the skid was snapped in an overtime match in Denver.

Later, the guys talk about Kobe Bryant claiming he wanted to play on the Wizards with Michael Jordan as his mentor following the ’03-’04 season. Dave calls it a bit of revisionist’s and is in line with how he’s been acting and talking this year.

The guys take a look at the Eastern Conference picture and CT back peddles on an already disproved and dumb theory on the Cavaliers. Plus, “This Week in John Wall,” a review of Martell Webster’s new single “Exposed” and more.

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