I Only Live to Get Radical

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave, Max and Duncan convene to talk Washington Wizards, and despite the lack of basketball, there is much to discuss. The guys get started with Washington’s gutting at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a look at the rest of the Eastern Conference, the acquisition of Ramon Sessions, general trade deadline lunacy, 3/4 season awards and an upcoming hotdog eating contest on the podcast.

Topics discussed include:

  • Wizards get slaughtered by the Cavs — It was awful, but not a whole lot to be gleaned
  • Dave saves a friend at the bar during the Wizards game, Max attends an open bar at Penn Social
  • Duncan P. Roth explains his absence, calls out Max for sullying his middle name, Perfect
  • Looking at the Eastern Conference standings with the Wizards slipping and the teams around them looking stronger
  • Previewing the Wizards schedule this week
  • Duncan and Max bet on whether the Wizards will win a first round series
  • Kevin Garnett to make home debut for Minnesota the night that the Wizards are in town
  • Duncan is depressed about the 76ers, longs for the Allen Iverson days, says there’s no reason for little kids in Philadelphia to watch the team
  • Dave questions Sam Hinkie’s motives behind Philadelphia’s moves
  • Thoughts on the Wizards trading Andre Miller to Sacramento for Ramon Sessions
  • Goldberg vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • General trade deadline bonanza talk, nearly 9% of the league’s players gets traded
  • CT setting up two screens in his living room to watch Wizards/Golden State and Maryland/Wisconsin at the same time
  • It’s award season so the podcast hands out a few awards:
    • Randy Wittman Doghouse Award
    • Most crushing loss/What’s your favorite loss to the Raptors?
    • John Wall wins the first half MVP
    • Second Most Valuable Player Award
  • Max tries to push Black Sails on the pod, Dave reviews The Slap
  • The guys discuss an upcoming hotdog eating contest on the show

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