The NBA is Hard

Today on ZardCast, CT, Duncan, David and Max reflect on a week of Wizards basketball that exemplified the dog days of January and February in the NBA. In this episode the guys discuss:

  • What frustrated them the most about the week
  • Bradley Beal’s development
  • Tuesday’s win over the Lakers
  • The Wizards are down at halftime in every game this week
  • For games in five nights capped off with a loss to the Suns
  • Suns centers Markieff and Marcus Morris do everything together, including dividing the money the Suns are paying them
  • Tough loss to the Raptors in overtime
  • Marcin Gortat has a bad night
  • No bulge on the Gortat action figure
  • Lou Williams was infuriating
  • Is John Wall the second best player in the East?
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • No scathing reviews
  • Giving love to Steve BuckhantzYou can reach us at:



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