Disparaging Losses

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan hop in the pod to talk about the Wizards rough week that saw the team extend its losing streak to six games before snapping it against Detroit. The guys go game-by-game into the 1-4 week, giving off positive vibes while sifting through the drudgery.

Topics discussed include:

  • A replay of a clip from last week where the guys hope the team can go 4-1
  • The Wizards have finally arrived to the basement level of the season
  • Can’t get any worse, right?
  • Dave still has high hopes as the marks (Making the two or three seed, or getting into the Eastern Conference Finals) of a successful season are still in play
  • Thank god they don’t play in the West
  • One of the ZardCast co-hosts is missing
  • Wizards beat Detroit to end the six-game losing streak, still blow a 21-point lead and throw up on themselves
  • The loss to Philadelphia was inexcusable, terrible basketball game to watch
  • The 76ers are a transcendently bad team, Randy Wittman’s firing had to be considered after losing to a team built to lose
  • Dave and Duncan have hot takes on Game of Thrones
  • Paul Pierce needs to stay healthy, prepare for him to sit out more games
  • The loss to the Timberwolves wasn’t terribly upsetting, Kevin Garnett back in Minnesota
  • Not a whole lot you can do against Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, especially when you turn the ball over 26 times
  • Wittman is a prick to the media after the game, refuses to stop wearing terrible suits
  • Wiz keep losing after we podcast
  • Does Ted Leonsis listen to the podcast?
    What was your favorite thing to do instead of watch the Wizards lose?
  • Thoughts on the John Wall-Ramon Sessions backcourt
  • The hotdog eating contest between Duncan and listener Mike is in two weeks
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Dave and John are having a disagreement over a lady and are not currently speaking
  • The guys close the show with NBA recommendations:

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One thought on “Disparaging Losses”

  1. Why does Dave have an annoying voice and a “God complex”? Also, listening to everyone agree makes this pod a waste of time. 0/5 stars

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