It’s Hotdog Time

Today on ZardCast, the guys meet up to host a hotdog eating contest between Duncan, Listener Mike and CourtDog. The three competitors attempt to eat as many hotdogs as possible during the course of the pod. Meanwhile, CT, Dave and Max discuss the Wizards 3-0 week and their advantageous position in the Eastern Conference.

Apologizes for the up and down sound quality. Wanted to get all of the sounds from the contest in the pod.

Topics discussed include:

  • Hotdog eating contest between Duncan, Mike and CourtDog
  • The rules of the contest are explained and the competitors sit down for a pre-contest interview
  • Max introduces the eaters and they each get their own theme music
  • The Wizards right the ship, going 3-0 on the week
  • Dave correctly predicts they’d go 3-0
  • First hotdog update
  • The Wizards treat the Hornets like the bad team they are
  • Watching at home vs. at the Phone Booth
  • Wizards trounce the Grizzlies, given a gift with Tony Allen, Mike Conley, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol all sit
  • CT and Max meet for drinks before the Memphis game, Bar Louie’s service is terrible
  • Wizards sign Toure Murry to a 10-day contract
  • Hotdog update, the dogs are getting cold
  • CourtDog gives the origin story on the hotdog eating contest
  • Washington comes back to win big against the Sacramento Warriors, John Wall scores 31
  • Max claims Andre Miller dominated Wall on the guys’ group text
  • Mike looking dreadful, Duncan looks like he’s waiting for the bus
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Dave and Max love Bo Jangles
  • Max dedicates the hotdog eating contest to Rod Strickland
  • The guys looks at the Eastern Conference standings, people don’t know who plays for the Hawks
  • NBA recommendations
    • The Atlanta Hawks organist Sir Foster was the pod’s original NBA recommenation
    • The race for eighth in the West
    • The improving Pacers and how they could be a good matchup to thwart the Hawks
    • John Wall back
    • Keep an eye on Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell in March Madness, a potential target for the Wizards come draft time
  • Mike debriefs after eating eight hotdogs, feels like death
  • Duncan finishing his plate of 15 hotdogs
  • The guys detail awkwardly telling a girl at a bar about the podcast in an attempt to fend her off
  • Fort Meade High School beats Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School for the Maryland state basketball title — S/O to Moe
  • The apartment reeks of hotdogs
  • How do the Wizards do this week against Portland, the Clippers, Utah and Sacramento?
  • Duncan gives a victory speech

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