Sometimes You Get Stroked, Sometimes You Get Spanked

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave, Duncan and Max look back at a 1-2 week for the Washington Wizards, in which they fail to get back on track, though, remain in the thick of things for a top-four seed. The guys discuss the no-name NBAers who torched the Wizards, an epic meltdown against Miami, the infamous Otto Porter Vine, a mean comment on the site, poor restaurant experiences, Eastern Conference standings and much more.

Topics include:

  • Top of the show generalities from this week
  • Max is over the regular season, Duncan is excited about it, Dave is encouraged by the Wizards positioning in the East
  • Who’s your favorite no-name NBAer to torch the Wizards this week?
  • The guys struggle to alphabetize the teams the Wizards played this week by mascot name
  • The Bulls game is rough, a chance to turn things around against an injured Chicago team doesn’t ban out
  • Marcin Gortat has a nice week
  • Friend of the podcast DMX will appear on the show in two weeks
  • CT thinks the collapse against Miami is perfect the case study against Randy Wittman’s offense, Max says it was lack of caring, Dave credits Erik Spoelstra’s coaching moves
  • Duncan watches Truth and Lies, gives his review
  • The podcast gets a mean comment on the website, they respond to it point by point
  • Birthday shout outs to Duncan’s mom and CT’s cousin
  • Khris Middleton destroys the Wizards
  • Austin Rivers’ beard looks like a dirty bath towel
  • Dave didn’t know they put Major League Soccer games on TV
  • Otto Porter gets caught sleeping on defense in the Bulls game, will live in Vine infamy forever
  • Dwight Howard gets caught grabbing dick on the sideline
  • The guys discussed unintentional sexual innuendo in basketball calls
  • Will Paul George play this season?
  • Duncan was supposed to hang out with Dave and CT on Friday, poor restaurant experience ruins his Friday night. He won’t divulge the name of the eatery, Max attempts to figure it out
  • CT hates Masa 14, angry Yelp reviewers are the worst
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Ted Leonsis sitting on the bench next to Wittman drives Max crazy, Dave thinks he deserves it
  • NBA recommendations:
  • How do the Wizards do this week against Charlotte, Memphis and Sacramento?
  • NEXT WEEK is the hot dog eating contest between Duncan and listener Mike

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