Humpback Humpday

Today on ZardCast, CT, David, Max and Duncan convene to discuss the previous week of Washington Wizards basketball, including a dramatic loss to Indiana, John Wall playing the hero against Charlotte, a failed comeback bid against Houston and a beat down of Philadelphia.

Also, Max recites a poem about Jan Vesely, Duncan makes an enemy on the basketball court, a look at the rest of the Eastern Conference and more.

SCHEDULING NOTE: The pod is off next week with CT on vacation. The pod will return April 13 with a MEGA POD, recapping the regular season and looking ahead to the Wizards first round match-up in the playoffs.

Topics discussed include:

  • The guys return, unable to record on Sunday because of life
  • CT is going on an island vacation and the pod will return April 13 for a MEGA POD review of the season and an a preview of the Wizards first round playoffs match-up
  • The guys are watching the Philadelphia game while recording
  • They head back in time to discuss the Pacers game and the drama surrounding George Hill’s game winning lay-up
  • John Wall’s heroics save the Wizards versus Charlotte, Dave gets excited
  • The Wizards almost come back against Houston, fall short
  • Max was being negative on Twitter during the Rockets game, Duncan doesn’t like it
  • Otto Porter gets some burn, plays well, who knew
  • Max’s Poetry Corner is introduced and Jan Vesely is his first subject
  • Duncan makes an enemy on the basketball court at American University
  • A look at the Eastern Conference standings
  • Looking more and more like the Wizards will face the Raptors in the first round, Max wants to go to Toronto
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Dave sees John at Lucky Strike
  • League MVP race: Who ya got?
  • NBA Recommendations
  • CT is going on vacation, Dave will have free reign on the apartment
  • Predictions for the final seven games, final record

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