Wizards Throttle Raptors, Take 2-0 Lead Back to D.C.

Today on ZardCast, CT, David and Max join forces to discuss the Wizards 117-106 game two victory over the Raptors in Toronto to take a 2-0 lead in the first round of the playoffs.

ZardCast will be back Saturday morning (4/25) after game three on Friday night in the Phone Booth.

Topics discussed include:

  • Randy Wittman and his road tactics
  • The Wizards solid early defense despite being down
  • Brad Beal’s assertiveness
  • Washington’s excellent use of Nene and Marcin Gortat
  • Taking punches in the third quarter and responding
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Max calls after getting home from Buffalo Billiards
  • They guys get into how the Wizards create space on offense
  • Colin Cowherd trolled John Wall, the Wizards, again
  • Otto Porter is probably the biggest story of the playoffs
  • The Raptors have played terribly, for the most part
  • Did you think the Wizards would return to recent regular season form tonight?
  • What could the Raptors do to flip this series around?
  • Making sure we gush about every Wizard
  • We mention Drew Gooden III
  • What event would need to occur for Wittman to insert Kris Humpries?
  • Max wants to gush about Beal’s great game some more
  • Paul Pierce fulfills his leadership and scoring roles phenomenally
  • Wittman is the greatest road playoff coach in history, according to math
  • He really did pull the long-con with the small ball line-ups
  • The pod extends ideas for Dwayne Casey to beat the Wizards
  • Raptors going at Gortat
  • Does everything even out on Friday or do the Wizards keep rolling?
  • What will the atmosphere in the Verizon Center be like?
  • Jerry Moosewood is coming to D.C. 

Go Wizards.

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