All Tied at 2s as Hawks Best Wizards in Game 4 (It’s Not Unfixable)

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Malcolm sit down following the Wizards 106-101 loss to the Atlanta Hawks in game four of the Eastern Conference semifinals. The guys discuss how the Wizards stayed within striking distance throughout, despite a humming Hawks offense. They talk emotional hangovers, atrocious defense, turnover problems, Paul Pierce nearly perfect from three, the specialness of Brad Beal, Colin Cowherd’s latest John Wall comments and much more.

Topics discussed include:

  • The Hawks offense was humming early on
  • Dave feels like he’s been on a roller coaster, says even the bad that happened tonight is fixable
  • Malcolm goes to Miami, says it was probably tough for the Wizards to come out firing on all cylinders after the emotional highs of game three
  • Paul Pierce misses a shot to tie it with only a few seconds left in the game
  • So tough to watch these games and not think of what they’re missing with John Wall out
  • Dave thinks many of Wizards the problems stem from turning the ball over on offense, allowing the Hawks to get out and run
  • Wizards were atrocious defensively in the first half, allow 65 points
  • Will Bynum and Ramon Sessions flying to the basket was working to an extent, but doesn’t seem sustainable
  • Malcolm implores everyone to never take Wall for granted again, was probably the best player in the playoffs before he got injured
  • Dave’s upbeat about the Wizards as a fundamentally different team from the regular season, still in the series
  • Marcin Gortat can’t play any worse than he did tonight
  • Nene came to play again, Hawks had trouble handling his physicality
  • Al Horford is a beast
  • Brad Beal scores 34, is a special player
  • Otto Porter has his worst game of the playoffs
  • Wizards down 10 at half
    Wizards shooting themselves in the foot every time they’d get close to tying the game
  • John Wall looking sharp on the sidelines, engaged with his teammates on the sideline
  • The second “Will John Wall be back if the Wizards make the Eastern Conference finals” conversation in two days, Malcolm gives his take on it
  • Wizards aren’t getting any credit for how good they’re playing, more about how poor their opponents played
  • Colin Cowherd at it again, saying John Wall can’t win a championship because he’s too short
  • Beal is right there with LeBron James in a lot of age-related records
  • There is value for Beal in Wall being out and having a chance to be “the guy”
  • Wizards make their final run at the Hawks in the fourth quarter, have some good chances to tie it up in the final few minutes, Pierce misses an open three with less than 10 seconds left to tie it up
  • Washington is in a good place mentally, attitude-wise — Especially compared to a 60-win Hawks team
  • Malcolm is worried about the game-to-game turnaround on the back end of the series
  • CT is headed to Preakness on Saturday

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