Recapping Game 6, Early Offseason Storylines (Feat. Jake Whitacre & Adam McGinnis)

Today on ZardCast, the podcast returns after coming to grips with the Wizards’ loss in game six to the Hawks. CT and Duncan are joined by Jake Whitacre from Bullets Forever and Adam McGinnis from Truth About It to breakdown the final game of the season and all of the early offseason story lines that have percolated during the past few days.

ZardCast will be back Tuesday with CT, Duncan, Dave and Max recapping the Wizards season while completing a power hour. That will be ZardCast’s final show of the regular season, as the guys switch to recording once a month until the 2015/16 season is imminent.

Topics discussed include:

  • Where were you when the Wizards bowed out of the playoffs?
  • What stage of grieving are you at?
  • Game 6 was weird, ended a half second away from overtime
  • It’s incredibly depressing to watch the Hawks and Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals — Who are you rooting for?
  • Brad Beal was in Kyle Korver’s head, played an incredible series
  • Also had some audacious statements after the game
  • The trauma revolving around the end of game five and how there was still hope after a tough loss
  • Why did the Wizards lose the series?
  • What gives with Kris Humphries? Why did he never play? Non-basketball fans are big on him
  • What is everyone doing in the offseason?
  • Addressing Marcin Gortat’s comments on his personal struggles mid-year, and on playing without Nene and with a stretch-four
  • Will Nene go along with playing a different role in his final year on the books with the Wizards?
  • What does everyone think Gortat’s personal problem was? Girl probz?
  • People coming out of the weeds for cash?
  • Kevin Seraphin is probably leaving D.C. #KSLife will be missed
  • The podcast has a new sponsor: Q-Tips
  • How great was Paul Pierce? He’s got to be back, right?
  • He gives the Wizards freedom and constrains them at the same time
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • John makes the NBA all-defense team, but is snubbed from all tiers of the All-NBA team
  • Why did he get snubbed? Who should he have leaped?
  • Why has there been such a negativity about John throughout his career? It doesn’t match up to his personality or his play
  • Otto Porter’s revelation in the playoffs was one of the big positives coming out of this postseason. Have we seen his ceiling? How good can he be?
  • Would you trade Otto for DeMarcus Cousins?

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