The Hand and Wrist Show (Ft. Jake Whitacre)

Today on ZardCast, CT is joined by Jake Whitacre from Bullets Forever to discuss the disaster that is John Wall’s hand and wrist with the news of five non-displaced fractures. The guys paint a full picture of what’s transpired since Wall took that big fall in game one and try to think of anyway he might be back in time for game three. Later, they get into some Ted Leonsis talk, Ramon Sessions’ similarities to Wall, Nene sitting on everyone’s shit list and a call for Kris Humphries to make his playoff debut.

Topics discussed include:

  • Painting a full picture on John Wall’s hand and wrist injury with five non-dislocated fractures
  • The swelling has not subsided, unable to get an x-ray because of it — Too hurt to know how hurt he actually is
  • Could impact his longterm health if he plays through it or injures it further
  • Jake wonders if the organization might make the decision of whether he plays again for him
  • Weird injury because it looks devastating, but he still might play!
  • The guys are confident the Wizards would’ve won Tuesday with John Wall
  • Some Ted Leonsis talk — Did an interesting interview with Chad Dukes
  • Looking back at the play where John broke his hand and receiving the news he was out on Tuesday
  • The biggest success in game two was that team didn’t look like garbage without Wall
  • Jake really likes that the Wizards were able to go from Andre Miller, the polar opposite of John Wall, to Ramon Sessions who does things similar to John
  • Nene is on the top of everyone’s shit list
  • It’s gotta finally be Kris Humphries time, right? He can totally play center, too
  • Jake says if Wall is out on Saturday, look for Otto Porter to get more ball handling opportunities

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