Wizards Drop Game 2, Head Back to D.C. Knotted at 1s (Get Well Soon John Wall)

Today on ZardCast, CT and Dave convene following the Wizards game 2 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, a game played without John Wall. CT takes a positive approach as the guys rundown the game, discussing how the Wizards put themselves in a solid position throughout most of the contest despite not have their superstar, how they weren’t quite able to get over the hump and what ultimately led to their demise.

Topics discussed include:

  • Wizards lose
  • CT is looking ultra-positive, hopeful he comes back on Saturday
  • Tonight’s game went fairly well, all things considered
  • Hawks were still missing shots, the Wizards perimeter defense was ok
  • The podcast is continuing to embrace fractions with talk of three-point percentages
  • The offense is looking really rough early on
  • Without Wall, the Wizards trot out lineups
  • Brad and Otto come out aggressive
  • This game had a lot of “yeeesshhh” moments
  • Drew Gooden looks like a stick hockey play
  • Nene had a horrible game, Dave thinks playoff Nene is still somewhere inside of him
  • Wizards acquit themselves just fine in the first half overall
  • During the regular season team was hot garbage without John Wall, nice to see the offense was serviceable
  • Ramon Sessions scores the Wizards’ first 10 points in the third, prompts announcer to say “Ramon Sessions has taken over”
  • Al Horford abusing Nene, does a “peek-a-boo” celebrate that Dave hates
  • Even with a stellar performance from Sessions, it’s really apparent what the team was missing without John Wall
  • Get well soon, John
  • The Wizards miss their chance to get a hold on the game in the third quarter and the Hawks are able to pull away with about six minutes left in the fourth
  • CT stays positive, this game is a sign that the team has changed for the better
  • John is still the difference maker
  • Game 3 on Saturday in the Phone Booth

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