Wizards Win Game 3 on a Buzzer Beater, Without John Wall (Mother’s Day Edition)

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan convene to discuss a wild night in the Phone Booth as the John Wall-less Washington Wizards take game three against the Atlanta Hawks, dominating most of the game and winning on a Paul Pierce buzzer-beater after blowing a 21 point lead in the fourth quarter.

Topics discussed include:

  • Come to ZardCast for basketball talk, stay for numbers
  • Duncan, CT and Max go to game three, Max sits with a random older woman, gets to sit courtside
  • Paul Pierce hits a buzzer-beater to beat the Hawks in game three, 103-101
  • Replaying the call of Pierce hitting the shot
  • Dave thought they had it the whole time, CT was expecting a letdown, Duncan was blown away that the Wizards dominated for three quarters
  • Nene is like the weather and Saturday was a perfect spring evening for him
  • Duncan’s reasoning for going to the game was low-risk, high-reward if the Wizards get blown out or play well — That pays off and the Phone Booth was live
  • CT thinks this performance most resembled a regular season Wizards game
  • Will Bynum sighting! He played well too!
  • There was a Hawks fan in CT and Duncan’s section yelling “Let’s go Hawk!” — Purposefully singular
  • The guys are still baffled by Drew Gooden, love when he’s playing well
  • Reflecting on the “rappers representing teams” conversation on a previous pod, Duncan notes Kanye West was hyping up the Chicago Bulls. Wale nowhere to be found this playoffs, could use some national spotlight shine
  • Dennis Schroder calls Pierce’s shot “lucky”
  • Playing the Randy Wittman audio of him yelling at Michael Lee
  • The guys defend Michael Lee, Wittman sounds like he’s arguing with his significant other — “I don’t lie! I just don’t tell you everything!”
  • Any chance John Wall comes back this series? Would he come back for the Eastern Conference finals
  • CT not feeling confident on the Wizards taking this series, Dave and Duncan are on the other end of the spectrum
  • The immediate post-game interview with Pierce and in the locker room later on was gold
  • Monumental Sports gripe session: They need to show more replays during the game and allow people to use digital barcodes instead of waiting in line to print tickets at the box office
  • The guys tried to start an X-Men, social commentary podcast called “The X-Files” but apparently that name has been taken
  • Mother’s Day shoutout to Khaleesi, mother of dragons, and Duncan’s mom and stepmom
  • The podcast gets a little dark, the guys discuss what they’d do if one of them died
  • Come for the Wizards talk, stay for the math, grammar, foreign language and economics
  • Playing the John Wall clip

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