Wizards Predictions, Eastern Conference Preview, John Wall Giving up Gummi Bears, Beef with the Fowl Shot, Otto Porter Vines, “The Milwaukee Zone”

Today on ZardCast, CT, David and Duncan convene on the eve of the Washington Wizards season opener to answer a number of predictive questions and preview the rest of the Eastern Conference. Plus: John Wall giving up Gummi Bears, spending a day with Randy Wittman, beef with the Fowl Shot, Otto Porter Vines, “The Milwaukee Zone” and plenty of trash talk.


ZardCast will return next Wednesday, Nov. 4.
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Topics discussed include:
  • Duncan has three Christmases
  • Rest in peace, Flip Saunders
  • Vegas has the Wizards win total at 46.5 wins, can they get over 50? What’s basement? (Barring a disastrous injury situation)
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • CT botches sound drops, proves his fallibility
  • John Wall reported to have given up Gummi Bears to improve his physique, conditioning
  • Duncan used to wait on Wall while working at a restaurant, dude eats like a machine
  • How big do you think Wall’s poops are?
  • Does Wall knot a triple double this year?
  • What would you do with Randy Wittman if you had to spend a day with him? Duncan picks bowling, CT goes with old movie screening, David picks suit shopping
  • Who will be the most improved player on the Wizards be?
  • Who will be the Wizards best bench player? Best hype guy on the bench?
  • How many times the Verizon Center get free Chick-fil-a sandwiches this year? It was 14 last year
  • Dave has a beef with the Fowl Shot, wishes the free chicken sandwiches were tied to the Wizards winning. Also, there’s (almost) one-and-a-half Chick-fil-as in the District
  • Otto Porter will be an internet darling this year, already has some solid vines to his name before the season even started
  • Will Bradley Beal average 20 points?
  • What does Porter average? He’s going to be playing a lot
  • How many games does Nene miss
  • When does Nene start complaining about coming off the bench? Dave thinks if things are going badly, Wittman will turn to him faster, Duncan doesn’t think he’ll complain — If he embraces the bench role he will be HIGHLY useful
  • Can Kris Humphries hit a third of his threes? What’s the Wizards’ plan with him? Does his shot get reigned in?
  • When does Jared Dudley usurp Humphries as the starting power forward?
  • We’ve got to talk about Martell Webster. Does he play meaningful, effective minutes?
  • Do we see much of Kelly Oubre Jr.?
  • Who are this year’s frontrunners for Wittman’s dog house?
  • Wittman loves Garrett Temple
  • Who gets jettisoned in a mid-season trade?
  • The guys jostle through the Eastern Conference, labeling each team a CONTENDER or PRETENDER in the East
  • Atlanta has regressed
  • CT thinks a lot of teams in the East are in the Milwaukee Zone, getting a lot of preseason hype but won’t be as good or only be slightly improved
  • The guys reminisce on the Wizards humiliating all of Canada by defeating the Toronto Raptors. Kyle Lowry hasn’t been able to eat right since
  • Indiana doesn’t even sniff the Milwaukee zone, they’re at the bottom of the conference
  • The New York teams are looking UGLY
  • Chicago Bulls are FRAGILE (Even though they beat the Cavaliers as the pod was recorded)
  • CT keeps calling the Charlotte Hornets the Bobcats
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers might not get the No. 1 seed
  • So where do the Wizards end up landing in this mess?
  • NBA predictions with no explanation

Welcome to Season 2 of ZardCast

Today on ZardCast, the podcast returns for its second season with CT, Dave and Duncan convening to discuss the 2015-16 Washington Wizards season, hit on the news from the preseason, who’s hopped off the Zard train during the offseason and run down what’s new with every guy on the roster.

ZardCast will return next Wednesday and will generally drop episodes on Wednesdays until January 2016. After the new year, ZardCast will return to it’s regular recording Sunday/released on Monday schedule.

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You can reach us at: ZardCast@gmail.com


Topics discussed include:

  • ZardCast is back!
  • We’ll be recording most Tuesdays between now and 2016, just as a head’s up
  • Duncan returns from his sweatshop empire in Puerto Rico
  • Aside from Cleveland, the East is wide open
  • Preseason update: Wizards are 4-1, playing uptempo on offense
  • DeJuan Blair is playing fairly well in the preseason, Wizards could try to move him to give a roster spot to Ish Smith or Toure’ Murry. Also, he has no ACLs
  • Martell Webster is dealing with arthritis in his hip, hasn’t played at all
  • Jared Dudley planning on playing in one of or both the last two preseason games
  • Saying goodbye to Kevin Seraphin and Paul Pierce
  • Did Seraphin’s signing to the Knicks move Carmelo Anthony’s needle (8===>)?
  • Dave declares Paul Pierce one of history’s greatest monster
  • The pod is recording without a soundboard, the guys feel like it’s affecting their performance
  • CT and Dave rearrange their living room, had nothing on the walls in the entire apartment until two days ago
  • Jared Dudley is a nice replacement for Paul Pierce
  • Alan Anderson has ankle surgery, again
  • Gary Neal is a nice upgrade at shooting guard, can provide some scoring off the bench
  • Kelly Oubre Jr. might play a little more than expected, could be frustrating to watch. Randy Wittman could be quick with the hook
  • The guys are bummed to see Bobby Portis averaging double digit rebounds in the preseason for the Bulls, would’ve like to see the Wizards draft him
  • Let’s hope the Wizards really stick to a change in offensive style, if for no other reason than to play to John Wall’s strengths
  • The guys try and hold off on drooling about John Wall, but can’t help themselves
  • Should be the second best player in the Eastern Conference, could be a fringe MVP candidate
  • Dave’s been texting and Snapchatting John, saying he’s completely focused on the preseason and keeps wearing suits around town
  • It’s a contract year for Bradley Beal, leading the team in scoring would really take a load off Wall
  • Marcin Gortat now wants to be called the Polish Gazelle, changed his number and was an advocate for “smaller ball” at the end of last season
  • Gortat is the most consistent player on the team outside of Wall, it hurts him to play with Nene
  • Nene is a big question mark on this year’s team. How is he going to handle coming off the bench to play center?
  • Nene and Gortat vs. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol would be an epic tag team wrestling match-up
  • Watch this Stone Cold Steve Austin Stunner compilation
  • CT had a lot of hot takes on wrestling as a sixth grader, could’ve done a podcast
  • Kris Humphries is probably going to the be starting power forward, has been taking a lot of threes during the preseason.
  • Dave would prefer to see Jared Dudley start at the four, CT likes Humphries as the starter
  • Wittman will take to his grave why Humphries never played in the playoffs
  • Uncle Drew Gooden is back, and that’s totally cool
  • It’s Otto Porter time! Breakout player of the playoffs
  • Duncan tried to temper Otto expectations, but is starting to drink the Kool Aid
  • If you shout out the podcast on Twitter, we’ll give you a shoutout on the show
  • Franzia is sponsoring the soundboard — “Franzia: Drink inside the box”
  • Porter and Garrett Temple look alike on television
  • If you’re a middling player or a scrub in the NBA, do you up your stats in NBA2K?
  • Dave wants to talk about the blockbusters being released this holiday season, the podcast decides they’re into young adult fiction adaptations