#KD2DC Flop, 50 Turnovers, Garrett Temple’s Guilty Pleasures

Today on ZardCast, CT, David and Duncan record immediately following the Oklahoma City Thunder’s beat down of the Washington Wizards to discuss the #KD2DC movement, lack of stadium environment, the flop against the Thunder, 50 turnovers in two games against the Atlanta Hawks and the Boston Celtics, rebounding issues, atrocious defense, Bradley Beal’s injury, Bradley Beal’s buzzer beater against the San Antonio Spurs, Garrett Temple’s guilty pleasures, NBA recommendations and much more.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: ZardCast will return next Friday, Nov. 20.
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John Wall and Bradley Beal Play Big, the Ramon Session, Sidney Melbourne’s Favorite NBA Wallaby

Today on ZardCast, the guys discuss the Wizards 2-1 start to the season with two close wins on the road against Orlando and Milwaukee, before succumbing to Carmelo Anthony’s powers. Plus: The John Wall-Bradley Beal hype machine is humming, Ramon Sessions gets his butt grabbed by a fan, hopping off or staying on the Humpwagon, “This Week in John Wall,” and new friend of the pod Sidney Melbourne comes by to compare animals in the outback to NBA players.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: ZardCast will return next Thursday, Nov. 12.

The best place to figure out when a new ‘sode is coming and for all show-related updates follow us on Twitter, @ZardCast.

Topics discussed include:

  • No one shouted out the show. Should they cancel the pod?
  • Actual games to discuss
  • CT and Dave confirmed that their neighbor is a Wizards fan after hearing a shriek when the goaltending penalty was ruled a non-call
  • John Wall and Bradley Beal come out on opening night and have big games, Wall’s the hero
  • The guys realize they’ve never talked about Caron Butler’s description of the guns in the locker room situation, will revisit on a later pod
  • Zards escape another one Friday night in Milwaukee
  • Dave’s glad to see Beal fired up, handling the scoring load down the stretch. Also allows John to lock in on defense
  • Wall and Beal are near the top of a few league statistical categories, the hype train is rolling for them
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo tears up the Wizards in the first half, Nene does a nice job helping in the second half
  • Ramon Sessions gets his own segment after being omitted from the last podcast. Gets his butt grabbed by an old guy in the stands on Friday
  • Wizards take their first lost in the home opener due to Carmelo Anthony
  • Melo was having one of those kinds of nights where he doesn’t miss a thing
  • Jared Dudley and Melo get into it. It stemmed from Dudley saying Melo, very reasonably, said he wasn’t a top five player
  • Who’s the most overrated player in the league?
  • Where does everyone stand on Kris Humphries at the power four? Dave’s pretty much off the Humpwagaon, CT thinks they need to stick with it
  • San Antonio Spurs will be a good stress test for Washington
  • The guys decide to go to the Thunder game and will record after
  • Bradley Beal doesn’t sign an extension, will become a restricted free agent
  • “This is Week in John Wall”
  • John as an MVP candidate? Could get some votes for defensive MVP
  • How does everyone feel about John’s new hair cut and will you copy it?
  • Sidney Melbourne joins the pod, been a basketball fan for four months
  • Melbourne compares Steph Curry to a wallaby, DeMarcus Cousins to a crocodile
  • Melbourne also learns who Stephen Adams is, says his mustache is better
  • The podcast is international