Wizards Winners of 4 Straight, Lebron is Scared of Otto, How the Elite Does Laundry, Pop Culture and Dino Detours

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan convene to discuss the Wizards four-game winning streak, if Lebron James is scared of Otto Porter, John Wall closing games, Pop Culture Detours, a Dinosaur Detour, how the elite does their laundry, drama between Dave and Duncan over QuizUp, and much more.

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Topics discussed include:

  • The guys reminisce on their terrible kickball team
  • The Wizards are on a four-game winning streak, made it to .500
  • Dave’s excited to root hard against the teams in direct competition with Washington
  • Zards take out the 76ers on the road
  • Duncan finally sees the latest Star Wars, just finished watching the previous films with his girlfriend
  • Nice to see the team shore things up defensively, they’re normally going to be able to score enough points to win
  • Adding Alan Anderson and Markieff Morris has been a helpful development
  • Is Lebron James scared of Otto Porter? That’s most likely why he didn’t play on Sunday
  • The guys are enjoying all of the Cavaliers bullshit being stirred up
  • While the recording the podcast, PTI gives a Not So Happy Anniversary to Otto Porter’s brain-neutral defensive lap against the Bulls last year
  • Bradley Beal wears his mask again against the Timberwolves
  • Another Pop Culture Detour with Dave discussing “Hail Caesar”
  • Shout out to @PreacherBBall and @AndrewKim_47 for helping us out in defining irony
  • Wizards are able to dominate Cleveland, even with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving
  • Lebron is subtweeting and driving America crazy
  • Dinosaur Detour as Dave tells the guys velociraptors were actually the size of chickens
  • Why do Boston fans always weave their teams into every conversation?
  • Infuriating game against Philadelphia on Monday night until John Wall took over
  • CT gets his dry cleaning picked up and dropped off, Dave and Duncan grill him on it and accuse him of stealing someone’s clothes
  • Dave and Duncan want to unionize against CT
  • Wall starting to drag his team over the finish line more often
  • Morris makes his first start, Marcin Gortat has a career night rebounding
  • Wizards able to take care of the Timberwolves behind a big game from Beal, Alan Anderson scores 18 as well
  • Why has Garrett Temple been starting over Beal when they’ve been playing similar minutes?
  • Porter and Gortat don’t see the floor in the fourth quarter against Minnesota. That’s the magic of Randy Wittman
  • Looking at the Eastern Conference standings
  • Is anyone worried about facing the Raptors should the Wizards grab the seven seed?
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Looking at the next three games, at Cleveland, home against Indiana, at Portland
  • Dave and Duncan’s QuizUp drama

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