“You’re Being a Real Roy Hibbert” | TAI’s Conor Dirks on the Most #SoWizards Moment This Season

Today on ZardCast, the guys are joined by Conor Dirks from Truth About It to discuss the Wizards playoff hopes, Randy Wittman’s lack of awareness and the most #SoWizards moment of the season. Plus, a collapse out west, smashing the Bulls and Pistons at home, Wall’s back-to-back triple doubles and Seamus the leprechaun.

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Topics discussed include:

  • CT and Dave hold down the pod tonight
  • Getting into the second half collapse against the Philadelphia
  • The guys discuss the Wizards as a frog in a gradually heating pot, CT is confused as to why the frog wouldn’t hop out
  • Wizards look hopeless against Utah and Denver, super demoralizing
  • Conor Dirks from TruthAboutIt.net joins the pod, tying his Pixel and Roll appearances
  • The Wizards technically won, but the guys don’t feel good
  • Conor has an issue with playoff percentages that get published every day, but doesn’t think they’ll be in anyway
  • Randy Wittman vs. Ernie Grunfeld – who is more terrible?
  • It’s gotta be Wittman. He recently blamed the players for not telling him they were getting torched by the pick and roll
  • It’s insane how much of a dick Wittman is to Marcin Gortat
  • The Wizards are most likely going to give Bradley Beal the max, a lot of people thought John Wall wasn’t worth it before the Wizards gave him a new contract. Washington should wait, either, otherwise he might spend all next season pissed off
  • Not protecting the first round draft pick in the Markieff Morris trade is Conor’s top #SoWizards moment of the season
  • One of the worst scoring teams in the Utah Jazz put up 114 on the Wizards
  • Fortunately CT and Dave had other things to do over the weekend than watch these awful basketball games
  • The Wizards blow the Nuggets game in the fourth quarter against a bunch of no names not trying to win games
  • The guys had a raucous Saturday night, glad they both woke up and everything was cool
  • “You’re Being a Real Roy Hibbert”
  • D.C. able to mash the Detroit Pistons at home. The Wizards should run the John Wall pick and roll every play for a quarter and just see what happens
  • Always fun to beat the Chicago Bulls. Nene is the matador in the sense that he stabs the bull in the neck, not so much the dancing around, poor defense kind
  • Duncan had to duck down to Puerto Rico to check on his businesses, will return next week
  • The guys call their leprechaun friend Seamus, he highlights the plight of the modern day leprechaun
  • RIP to the Wizards’ seventh seed hopes
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • Ted Leonsis teams up with Gene Simmons to bring arena league football to D.C.

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