Wizards Playoff Hopes Are Coaster Thin | Malcolm Johnson on the Big Picture | Deep Dive on Beal’s Pointed Comments

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Malcolm Johnson convene to discuss the Wizards season basically coming to an end with a loss to the Kings. Malcolm poses the question, how much differently would we really view Washington if they made the playoffs? Plus: High pitched screams over the ghastly loss to the Timberwolves, not caring about Kobe Bryant retiring, Randy Wittman’s sports bar being the most Randy Wittman thing ever, a deep dive on Bradley Beal’s comments after the Sacramento game, and finally a bit of Pop Culture Detour with The Walking Dead and The People vs. OJ Simpson coming to an end this next week.

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Topics discussed include:

  • Malcolm joins the pod over the phone
  • So it’s all over, right?
  • Malcolm says who cares about making the playoffs?Would we really view them in that different of a light?Would it really be good for the team?
  • The guys sold themselves on the hype before the season. How naive they were
  • Randy Wittman has to go. Will Ernie Grunfeld survive? He doesn’t deserve to
  • Does either Ernie or a potential-new general manager keep Bradley Beal? The guys agree there’s no choice but to sign him
  • What’s Bradley Beal’s and John Wall’s relationship like? We don’t really hear about the team’s interactions day-to-day
  • Malcolm’s really enjoyed watching Wall’s continued maturation as a player
  • Wall isn’t the vocal leader and he really doesn’t have to be. There is a huge void in the leadership role without Paul Pierce this year
  • The guys talk about player leadership, but they need new leadership at the coaching position
  • Dave screams in horror before talking about last week’s Minnesota Timberwolves game
  • Return of the fun game: What were you doing instead of watching the Wizards shit themselves?
  • CT doesn’t care about Kobe Bryant retiring. Dave thinks he’s made a mockery of himself this season
  • Not the worst showing against a team that’s aiming to be the best ever in the regular season. Unfortunately it was at the worst possible point in the season
  • Randy Wittman owning a sports bar with Craig Segar and Doc Rivers called Jocks and Jills has to be the best thing about Randy Wittman
  • The Wizards look dysfunctional and lose to one of the most dysfunctional teams in league in the Sacramento Kings
  • The guys do a deep dive on Beal’s post-game comments, Marcin Gortat’s tweet at Hoop District and Beal’s brother sounding off on the whole thing as well
  • Were his criticisms fair? Did he really own those criticisms or was he putting them more on his teammates? Can he say this stuff considering how much he’s been injured this year? Why does Gortat always get shit on?
  • Dave compares turning off the Kings game and giving up on the season like dropping a class in college
  • This Week in John Wall
  • The guys are glad no one’s turned on John this year. A lot of times fans turn on the best player of a team when things are going bad
  • Pop Culture Detour: The Walking Dead and The People vs. OJ Simpson finales are this week

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