Free Agency Pod: No Seat at the KD Table, Ian Mahinmi Signs, #NicholasAnderson, A Lot of Wallowing

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan discuss the ups and mostly downs of Washington Wizards free agency, including not getting a shot at Kevin Durant, just missing out on Al Horford, settling for plan-D in Ian Mahinmi, not knowing who Andrew Nicholson is (#NicholasAnderson), Jason Smith looking like the generic white player in NBA 2K and much more.

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Topics discussed include:

  • The guys are back to talk free agency
  • Big announcement: ZardCast will now be known as GoldCast, covering the guys’ new favorite team the Golden State Warriors
  • What mundane thing were you doing when Kevin Durant announced his decision
  • The Wizards don’t get a meeting with Durant, when did the dream actually die? Was it ever realistic?
  • Washington had a damn good shot at nabbing Al Horford, it hurts that he chose Boston a.k.a. EnTitled Town
  • Reactions to Durant going to Golden State: Dave is pumped to watch, Duncan is disappointed because he believes there will be fewer intriguing NBA games on the schedule this year
  • Ernie Grunfeld had to spend his money on a Plan D, paying $64 million for Ian Mahinmi to play backup center
  • Acquiring Mahimni and Jason Smith has fired up Marcin Gortat trade talks. Those will probably loom all the way to the trade deadline
  • Who’s Andrew Nicholson? None of the guys knew at first glance. Duncan is a Sporkle quiz champion and has never heard of Nicholson. Dave plays a lot of NBA 2K and also never heard of him
  • The Utah Jazz trade Trey Burke to the Wizards for a 14-year-old. It’s kind of interesting?
  • Tomas Satoransky also provided some drama with initial reports saying he might not leave Barcelona
  • It’s not a good thing when you’re adding more Orlando Magic players
  • Jason Smith looks like the generic, NBA2K white player
  • The guys take a look at the rest of the Eastern Conference and their big moves in free agency
  • “We’re on a sinking ship talking about how there aren’t sharks in the water”
  • Retiring Alan Anderson and Gary Neal’s sounds, adding an Ian Mahimni drop
  • Dave’s proud of Dwayne Wade for spurning Pat Riley and going to Chicago, dramatically reads Riley’s drunken text
  • Dwight Howard to the Hawks, Dave wants to trade for Paul Millsap
  • Bulls, Knicks, Grizzlies and Mavericks talk
  • Duncan gets 76 seconds to talk about the Philadelphia 76ers, the excitement around Ben Simmons, and finally seeing Joel Embiid play
  • Durant to should be booed every time he comes to D.C.
  • Pop Culture Detour: O.J. Made in America, Pokemon Go

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