Wizards Are Back, Joel EmBEEF with Jake Whitacre, Goodbye to the Old Apartment

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary convene following a Washington Wizards loss to the Atlanta Hawks in the season opener. Bullets Forever boss Jake Whitacre joins the show later to discuss taking L’s online, what went wrong against Atlanta, if he still believes the Wizards are just “fine” and the stewing beef between him and Gary. Plus, the guys look ahead to the next week of Wiz action, and CT and Dave are moving out of their apartment. They say goodbye to their apartment and an old couch.

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Welcome to ZardCast: Previewing the 2016-17 Washington Wizards

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary gather for the first show of the season to preview the 2016-17 Washington Wizards.

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Topics discussed include:

  • The guys return from a long, hot offseason
  • Wizards were perfectly average last year at 41-41, had a very active offseason. The guys give their 30,000 foot views on the team
  • Randy Wittman was sacked, Scott Brooks is the new boss in D.C.
  • Early takes on Brooks’ suit game
  • John Wall has surgery on both knees during the offseason. Had the best statistical year of his career, but also had to carry the team for a lot of last season
  • Dave is no longer friends with Wall, he’s now closer with Bradley Beal
  • Wall was not efficient, true shooting percent last year was garbage. He can be better if his teammates are better. Gary makes a good LeBron James-Miami-Big Three comparison
  • Wall was roasting people on Twitter over the Cowboy jersey flap, Dave is terrified of being owned online
  • The guys revisit the “John Wall and Bradley Beal aren’t the best of friends” story from the summer
  • Gary thinks Wall shouldn’t have used the word sidekick
  • The Wizards signed Beal to the max, the weight of the franchise’s imminent future is kind of on his shoulders
  • Dave thinks the Beal injury talk is a little overstated, Gary wishes he wasn’t quite a max player so he could avoid some of the flack that comes with that
  • What’s the outlook for Otto Porter? What’s free agent Porter look like? He came on really strong after the All Star break, but he was also very much a one half player
  • There’s talk of Porter playing more power forward, opens the door to a lot of interesting lineups. We’ve been seeing Markieff Morris at center, too
  • Ian Mahinmi is the Wizards big free agent signing, but he’s out for the first 4-6 weeks of the season with a meniscus tear. Whenever he returns, he will be a big boost off the bench
  • Tomas Satoransky finally joins the Wizards, looks good, very intriguing addition to the team
  • The guys think Marcin Gortat will have a spring in his step with Wittman gone. Those two constantly clashed
  • Why do people hate on Gortat so much?
  • If Beal can stay healthy, it will be helpful for everyone’s offensive game, including Gortat’s
  • Markieff Morris is the team’s draft pick. Everyone is excited to have him after a preseason with squad. Also nice to have a legit power forward. Haven’t had one in recent years. Got lost in last year’s attempt to make the playoffs
  • Kelly Oubre is set to become a factor on this team. Dave likes his defense and that he’s learning not to jack up a bunch of shots
  • Though the guys didn’t know who Andrew Nicholson when he was signed, they now they feel like he could be a useful backup to Morris. Gary isn’t confident in him, thinks he’ll have minimal impact
  • Nobody likes Trey Burke
  • Marcus Thornton didn’t even make the note sheet
  • We’re going to see a lot of Jason Smith with Mahinmi out
  • The Vegas win total is 42.5 – What’s everything think?
  • Wizards have a tough 8 games to start the season
  • Predicting end of season awards, Dave is still haunted by his selections last season
  • Gary gushes about Joel Embiid
  • Other thoughts on the Eastern Conference