Welcome to ZardCast: Previewing the 2016-17 Washington Wizards

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary gather for the first show of the season to preview the 2016-17 Washington Wizards.

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Topics discussed include:

  • The guys return from a long, hot offseason
  • Wizards were perfectly average last year at 41-41, had a very active offseason. The guys give their 30,000 foot views on the team
  • Randy Wittman was sacked, Scott Brooks is the new boss in D.C.
  • Early takes on Brooks’ suit game
  • John Wall has surgery on both knees during the offseason. Had the best statistical year of his career, but also had to carry the team for a lot of last season
  • Dave is no longer friends with Wall, he’s now closer with Bradley Beal
  • Wall was not efficient, true shooting percent last year was garbage. He can be better if his teammates are better. Gary makes a good LeBron James-Miami-Big Three comparison
  • Wall was roasting people on Twitter over the Cowboy jersey flap, Dave is terrified of being owned online
  • The guys revisit the “John Wall and Bradley Beal aren’t the best of friends” story from the summer
  • Gary thinks Wall shouldn’t have used the word sidekick
  • The Wizards signed Beal to the max, the weight of the franchise’s imminent future is kind of on his shoulders
  • Dave thinks the Beal injury talk is a little overstated, Gary wishes he wasn’t quite a max player so he could avoid some of the flack that comes with that
  • What’s the outlook for Otto Porter? What’s free agent Porter look like? He came on really strong after the All Star break, but he was also very much a one half player
  • There’s talk of Porter playing more power forward, opens the door to a lot of interesting lineups. We’ve been seeing Markieff Morris at center, too
  • Ian Mahinmi is the Wizards big free agent signing, but he’s out for the first 4-6 weeks of the season with a meniscus tear. Whenever he returns, he will be a big boost off the bench
  • Tomas Satoransky finally joins the Wizards, looks good, very intriguing addition to the team
  • The guys think Marcin Gortat will have a spring in his step with Wittman gone. Those two constantly clashed
  • Why do people hate on Gortat so much?
  • If Beal can stay healthy, it will be helpful for everyone’s offensive game, including Gortat’s
  • Markieff Morris is the team’s draft pick. Everyone is excited to have him after a preseason with squad. Also nice to have a legit power forward. Haven’t had one in recent years. Got lost in last year’s attempt to make the playoffs
  • Kelly Oubre is set to become a factor on this team. Dave likes his defense and that he’s learning not to jack up a bunch of shots
  • Though the guys didn’t know who Andrew Nicholson when he was signed, they now they feel like he could be a useful backup to Morris. Gary isn’t confident in him, thinks he’ll have minimal impact
  • Nobody likes Trey Burke
  • Marcus Thornton didn’t even make the note sheet
  • We’re going to see a lot of Jason Smith with Mahinmi out
  • The Vegas win total is 42.5 – What’s everything think?
  • Wizards have a tough 8 games to start the season
  • Predicting end of season awards, Dave is still haunted by his selections last season
  • Gary gushes about Joel Embiid
  • Other thoughts on the Eastern Conference

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