Back From Thanksgiving, Wiz Go 4-2, “All You Need Is Love And A Cat”

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary convene following a Thanksgiving break to discuss all of the Wizards action over the last week-plus, including wins over the Knicks, Suns, Magic and Kings, as well as losses to the Heat and Spurs. Plus, looking ahead to the next three games, Gary takes umbrage with how NBA teams take last second shots to avoid playing defense, what the guys did over Thanksgiving, Ian Mahinmi’s return, Brad Beal dropping 30 multiple times, Russell Westbrook averaging a triple double, This Week in John Wall and Pop Culture Detour.

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Stinking It Up Against The Sixers, Big Four Game Stretch Upcoming, TAI’s Adam McGinnis

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary convene following a brutal loss to the 76ers along with Truth About It’s Adam McGinnis to sort through the wreckage and evaluate the Wizards 10 games into the season. Plus, the guys discuss Ted Leonsis needling the fans, bright spots on this team, various other rants and complaints, and a big four game stretch against the Knicks, Heat, Suns and Magic upcoming.

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Same Old Frown and Poop

Today on ZardCast, the CT, Dave and Gary convene following a loss to the Houston Rockets, and ask, is it possible this team is worse than last year’s? They examine, show their work and try to pull out some positives. Plus, the guys decide 76er trade options are more interesting than the Wiz, at least for a bit, they look back on a win over Atlanta and a loss against Orlando, discuss a harrowing lizard vs. snake clip from Planet Earth II and what they’ll talk about on the show should the Wizards go belly up.

Wading Through the Wizards 0-3 Start, Almighty Ballin’s Chris Axmann on Washington and the Early NBA Season

Today on ZardCast, CT and Dave are joined by Almighty Ballin’s Chris Axmann following the Washington Wizards loss to the Toronto Raptors. The guys sort through the game, the 0-3 start and Axmann’s thoughts on the Zards at this very young point in the season. Plus, Axmann shares his concerns for Russell Westbrook’s health, why he can’t wait for a Chicago Bulls shooting slump, if this is the year his Mavericks finally miss the playoffs and that time his dog KD foreshadowed a big move by Kevin Durant. Later, CT and Dave revisit the overtime loss to Memphis, discuss John Wall’s first solid game of the year and his interview with Andrew Sharp, and look ahead to a tough slate of games.

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