“I’m Not Sure Ernie Grunfeld Can Read” Feat. Deadspin’s Albert Burneko

The guys welcome Deadspin’s Albert Burneko to the pod following a loss to the Heat to discuss the roots of his Washington Wizards fandom, the final shreds of optimism left in the season, best outcomes for this year, if John Wall is sticking around after this contract is up, Ben’s Chili Bowl, thoughts on Westworld and how much Ernie Grunfeld sucks.

Later the guys get into how CT embarrassed himself in front of another guest, ZardCast joining ABPN’s A Team, losing to Miami even with big performances from Wall and Bradley Beal, This Week in John Wall and his career 52-point night in a loss to the Magic, a win over the Denver Nuggets, a career night from Kelly Oubre against the Milwaukee Bucks, the next four games on the schedule. They close the show out with Pop Culture Detour and how everyone involved with the Washington Wizards organization has never seen Star Wars.

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It Might Be Ok, Wiz Cut Down Nets, Can’t Close Against Spurs and Thunder, Westworld Finale Recap

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary convene following a Wizards win over the Brooklyn Nets on the road. The guys start out by discussing ideas for a new podcast for whenever the season bottoms out – ideas they formulated while the Wizards were losing to the Nets. Later they get into tight losses to the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs, and how important the next few weeks are for turning the season around against Eastern Conference competition. Gary also brings up his gripes with NBA League Pass and the guys ponder if it’s incompetence, indifference or something slightly more sinister. The last 20 minutes or so is a full recap of the Westworld season finale (All the spoilers, FYI) and hype for The Young Pope.